Construction Management & Consulting

Are you planning a new office, or remodeling of your office? We can help! Our team has decades of experience managing projects and helping customers understand what they need and where they need it. From power for technology, to network connectivity, to properly cooling your network equipment, we have the experience to help ensure your project includes everything you need for your office. We can even help you meet with contractors to be sure all your needs are met.

Phone Services & VoIP

Whether you need service for your current phone systems or need to install a new system, our team can help. We have the resources to handle traditional on-site phone switch/voicemail systems, Voice over Internet Protocol phones and hybrid systems for your business. Are you working from home, or do you want to work from home? We can make sure your customers and co-workers can reach you as if you were in the office.

Networks, Security & Firewalls

Network security policies and Firewalls are critical for protecting business data. We will make sure your systems are up to date and able to prevent security breaches. Maintenance and updates are a key part of security, The Tech Company can proactively monitor and maintain all aspects of your network security.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Our team can create peace of mind that your company’s data is backed up. The Tech Company can work with you to create a plan to backup, document, and test your plan so that in the event of a disaster that destroys part or all of your businesses resources, we can recover your data from your backups and documentation.

IT Assessments

We will analyze your current systems and future technological plans, and identify how to improve efficiency and avoid potential pitfalls. The Tech Company has the experience to help you create a plan for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

Web & Digital Design

Our digital team has the experience to create professional designs for websites and logos that will adapt to your business. We will customize a design specifically for your needs.

Hardware & Software Support

We provide support for both Mac and Windows systems and server, desktop, and laptop hardware. Whether you are having issues with your current technology or need to purchase and transition to new physical or virtual systems, our specialists will help you find the best possible solution.

Security Cameras & Video Storage Systems

Our security specialists are able to service your current system, upgrade your current system or design and install a new system. We have experience with analog cameras connected to a DVR as well as IP cameras connected to your network and everything in between. Let us show you how we can help ensure the security of your business, employees and customers

Smartphones & Tablets

We will assist in the purchase and/or configuration of any device for your business while helping you set policies for security, usage and BYOD users.