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Hackers Don’t Procrastinate

The FTC shows that it takes as little as 9 minutes – yes, just 9 minutes! – for your stolen information to be used! Making your passwords more secure will help. Creating different passwords for each site you access is better. Using two-factor authentication whenever possible is best. Using password managers can help too –

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A lot to think about

There are so many news stories about this security breach, or that. About someone who thought it would be a good idea to leak documents they believe the public should know about. Ransomeware attacks. Internet of things devices not being secure. Millions of users’ information stolen. Movies being held for ransom before their release. We

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Let’s be fair…

I am an Apple fan; those who know me know this. I support Apple products, Microsoft based products as well as some Android based hardware. In the midst of all the latest security threat outbreaks, Apple has just released updates too. There are links to the articles on the page linked below. US CERT Apple

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The Tech Company demonstrated great technical knowledge and was consistently able to meet our needs. They also were willing to tackle any project head on and would not give up on something because it became difficult


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The Tech team provides exceptional services which exceed customer expectations regardless of the challenge. When you need clever, tenacious and detail-oriented services for small business systems just call The Tech Company for affordable solutions. Our fear of technology melted away as their specialists explained the entire project in common terms we all understand. This is your IT team!

Clever & Tenacious

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The Tech team stepped into a situation where we had had poor service from our previous IT consultant and reviewed what we did and why and came up with recommendations to solve our problems and then did the work as outlined, on time and on budget. Service is impeccable and I would not hesitate to recommend them as conscientious, reliable and very knowledgeable.

In the nick of time…

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